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Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow

Evervis is a development lab with a difference: We believe that people should ONLY work towards conceiving, creatingbuilding and launching products that they are passionate about.  A reputation built over time affords our team the luxury of being able to work on the products that we feel passionate about building.  If we do not think that we can challenge a founders' vision or work colloboratively by adding value, then we will be honest about it.

Evervis specialises in the execution of an agreed strategy and product positioning, with the engineering team to follow through. We prefer to partner at the earliest stage, taking an idea from a blank piece of paper to market.  

1. Development for hire

We offer our proprietary product development process to projects that we feel passionate about.  Development for hire covers all chunks and components of the Evervis process from Strategy through to A/B market testing. We offer this service to companies we are passionate about working with, irrespective of size, but to an agreed budget.

2. Collaboration

Evervis are looking for Best-In-Class Founders possessing incredible drive and unwavering commitment to World Changing Ideas, attacking billion dollar markets, with exciting revenue models.

After examining your business idea, should we harbour the same passion and insight, we will make you an offer to collaborate.

Collaboration with founders-in-residence comes in the form of: 

  • a) Smart Investment in the form of time and materials or cash, we can adopt the role of Co-Founders and/or Investors, in return for as agreed stake within the venture. Depending on the deal, we look at both upfront and vesting share agreements with or without an option to hire the engineering team out of Evervis and into your start up. 

b) Workspace and the ability to grow out of our infrastructure.  Benefits include knowledge transfer and working within a dynamic and exciting environment.

c) Growth hacking and focused product development, with one thing in mind: customer acquistion.

d) Mentoring and Introductions to other Evervis clients, companies, founders, advisors, angel and institutional investors, immigration and commercial lawyers who specialise in helping start ups to scale, along with talent acquirers and financial advisors.

e) International expansion.  With collaborators in Seattle, Amsterdam, Nice, Morocco, and many corners of the world, Evervis has the knowledge and experience to help you think and execute BIG and on a global scale.

3. Acquihire Us

Evervis believes in allowing members of our team to choose to do what they love and pursue their dreams and passions.  Partnering with us will enable you to build a dedicated team within our labs to support the execution of your idea.  Inevitably, companies grow to a level in their product lifecycle, where they are required to become independent from us.  We are very supportive of the company and the teams that are born within our labs. If the founder and team members agree, we will work hard with all parties to facilitate the migration of our team members, out of Evervis and into the start up full-time.  

We are an ideas lab. The value is in the idea. But the idea is only as good as the people behind its execution.